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We develop a new synthetic vector

for gene therapy


Our ambition

Fabmid seeks to boost the performance of cell and gene therapies with a cutting-edge synthetic non-viral vector.

To overcome the many challenges posed by the use of viral vectors:

  • High development costs

  • High manufacturing costs

  • Production scale up complexity

  • Immunogenicity and genotoxicity risks

  • Limited gene size

We are developing a unique therapeutic vector to reduce the cost and improve efficiency of gene therapy.

Indeed, Fabmid develops a DNA vector both easy to produce and with all the properties required from a good vector:  high cell transfection efficiency, low toxicity, high stability and selectivity.

Gene therapy utilizes the delivery of genetic information into patient’s cells, which is accomplished by using either genetically engineered viruses called viral vectors, or by  using DNA molecules packaged in non-viral vectors.

Cell and gene therapy is moving rapidly towards providing innovative cures for cancers, cardiovascular diseases, genetic disorders and many other diseases.

By making them more efficient, more affordable and available sooner for patients, we can improve the health of millions of people

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Who we serve

Biotech and pharmaceutical companies developing cell and gene therapies need the best therapeutic to maximize their chances of clinical trials authorization and product approval, high efficiency and easy production scale-up for commercialization.

Fabmid's vector helps them succeed by offering GMP-compliant therapeutic vector, and reducing the cost and length of gene therapy development programs, as well as manufacturing costs.

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